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I’ve been a professional Graphic Designer for about 25 years. I come from way back in the days when we did everything on boards and used terms like “paste-up” and “color key”.

Anyway, I haven’t touched an X-Acto in over a decade, and I can’t remember the last time I met a print vendor face-to-face. What I have been doing is honing my artistic skills, keeping up with software updates, and occasionally learning a new trick or two. Lately, I’ve been getting into video production and have been known to send up a drone or stick a camera on my head, then see what I can make of it.

So this is the new Web site I’ve been chipping away at. I’m gonna be adding some links to print samples and video clips from my “reel” as time goes by. But if you can’t wait, feel free to visit the old, crappy site.

Try not to judge too harshly.

Mavic Reel 3

Music Track: "Making Water" by Harry Gregson-Willams - The Martian (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This Web site is very much a work in progress. Check back sometime to see what’s new.

Header Image: Hotel Il Perlo, Bellagio

The view from my room.